Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hennessy Artistry Event - Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena

Flo-rida was on fire...
And Machi's Melody was like super hawt!!!!

Thumbs up for the event organizers of Hennessy Artistry Event...
The whole set up was so nice....
Divided into 4 part..

1. Hennessy Miami
2. Hennessy Shanghai
3. Hennessy Paris
4. Hennessy KL
5. Hennessy V.S.O.P

Your's truly was in Hennessy Miami...
With comfy chairs and all..
But in the end Clair and I decided to stay outside... ( which is the Hennessy V.S.O.P area where the normal invites are... ) because it was nearer to the stage
So I can get my super clear view of Flo-rida and Machi!!!

The whole place was nuts...
And the best part is that it wasn't hot at all..
There was cocktails everywhere..
Only thing was that the cocktails weren't consistent..
As in the mixing..
It's either there wasn't enough alchohol, or there was too much juice or not enough ice..
yada yada..
Didn't bother me much..
I just downed it! :)

And now to flood my page with tons of blurry pictures ( cause my camera was stolen hence was forced to use my phone ) and shakey videos.. :)


Pop Shuvit

VJ Callen

DJ Latin Prince


Heh.. sorry .. Malas to put in captions..
But the pictures are kinda obvious..
just not so clear...
Which.. since we're speaking bout that topic...


I want the Olympus mju 1030sw...
Knowing i'm a klutz and all..
now all I need is the money...

which I'll get,
after saving for erm... 100203983098 years....
and returning my debts...

and oh.. collecting my debts too!
you know who you are!

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